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A Day in the Life of the Internet

"A Day in the Life of the Internet: Proposed community-wide experiment (kc claffy)," ACM SIGCOMM CCR Vol. 36, Number 5 (October 2006).

The outsiders expressed the view that the network research community should not devote all or even the majority of its time to fixing current Internet problems. Instead, networking research should more aggressively seek to develop new ideas and approaches; measurement of the Internet, modeling of the Internet, and making disruptive prototypes. This report challenges the research community to develop the means to capture a day in the life of the Internet.

The Internet lacks the means to perform comprehensive measurement on activity in the network. The proposed project will involve building a cooperative community to support the simultaneous capture of a variety of measurements from and across many strategic links around the globe by supporting tools, analysis, visualization, and data catalog (DatCat, Internet Traffic Archive, CRAWDAD, MOME (Measurement Tools), Datapository, PREDICT).