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10 Papers on Network Models

"10 Papers on Network Models (Matthias Grossglauser)," ACM SIGCOMM CCR Vol. 36, Number 5 (October 2006). Models allow us to reason about scale before we are able or willing to build a large-scale artifact. Networking is an engineering discipline. Often, major new applications did not even emerge from academic projects, but were developed by creative young people outside the research community.

"On the Self-Similar Nature of Ethernet Traffic," [W. E. Leland 1994] (a baffling observation at the time).
"Network Tomography: Estimating Source-Destination Traffic Intensities from Link Data," [Y. Vardi 1996] (the first paper that formulates the estimation of a traffic matrix (the amount of traffic between source-destination pairs), PAM 研究の走り).
"Linear Network Coding," [S.-Y. R. Li 2003] (introduces the notion of network coding).