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MobiHoc 2005

MobiHoc 2005 Selected Papers.

- Session 1A: Clustering 1 "On maximizing the lifetime of distributed information in ad hoc networks with individual constraints" Cedric Westphal (Nokia Research Center, USA)
- Session 1B: Security "Toward Resilient Security in Wireless Sensor Networks" Hao Yang, Fan Ye (University of California at Los Angeles, USA), Yuan Yuan (University of Maryland. College Park, USA), Songwu Lu (University of California at Los Angeles, USA), William Arbaugh (Univ. of Maryland, USA)
- Session 1B: Security "The Feasibility of Launching and Detecting Jamming Attacks in Wireless Networks" Wenyuan Xu (Rutgers University, USA), Wade Trappe (WINLAB, Rutgers University, USA), Yanyong Zhang, Timothy Wood (Rutgers University, USA)
- Session 2B: Clustering 2 "A Distributed Coordination Framework for Wireless Sensor and Actor Networks" Tommaso Melodia, Dario Pompili, Vehbi Cagri Gungor, Ian Akyildiz (Georgia Institute of Technology, USA)
- Session 4A: Routing 1 "A Secure Ad-hoc Routing Approach Using Localized Self-healing Communities" Jiejun Kong (University of California at Los Angeles, USA), Xiaoyan Hong (University of Alabama, USA), Yunjung Yi, Joon-Sang Park, Mario Gerla (University of California at Los Angeles, USA)
- Session 5B: Applications "A Cross Layer Optimization of Gnutella for Mobile Ad hoc Networks" Giovanni Turi, Marco Conti, Enrico Gregori (IIT-CNR, Italy)
- Session 5B: Applications "Towards Commercial Mobile Ad Hoc Network Applications: A Radio Dispatch System" Elgan Huang, Wenjun Hu, Jon Crowcroft, Ian Wassell (University of Cambridge, UK)
- Session 6A: Sensor Networks "Hybrid Sensor Networks: A Small World" Gaurav Sharma, Ravi Mazumdar (Purdue University, USA)