Interruptibility Map

Investigating users’ interruptibility as an indicator of his/her attention status has been essential in recent pervasive computing where the users’ attention resources get scarce against an ever increasing amount of information. We propose the “Interruptibility Map,” a geographical tool for analyzing and visualizing the user’s local interruptibility status in the context of smart city research. Our map describes where citizens are expected to feel more or less interruptive against notifications produced by computing devices, which are known to have adverse effects on work productivity, emotion, and psychological state.


The detection of human inner state such as “busyness” or “tiredness” have been conducted actively, thanks to the development of smartphones equipped with various sensors that are widely used. If people can recognize the factors contributing to human inner state, they will be able to regulate their own emotions and moods, by paying attention to them. I propose a system, “MyFactor,” that accumulates the sensor data of one’s smartphone and the annotation of his inner state, then extracts and provides the important factors contributing to it.


Nowadays, due to the spread of smartphones and wearable devices, we can collect various types of lifelog data. One of the primary purposes that we keep a record of them is to support reflecting our past experiences. However, if we can automatically record the lifelog data, a serious problem occurs – the size of the database becomes huge. “MyColleague” is a system that records the people whom one meets, by using Google Glass camera to take pictures and automatically identify the person in the image. By using “MyColleague,” we aim to search data from an enormous amount of lifelog data regarding people as keys.


People write their diaries and read them back for self-reflection. “MyInfluence” is an application that extracts “rare events” from the lifelog data which has expanded to an enormous amount, and visualizes it on a calendar. By visualizing where the unusual events have occurred, the system supports the users to look back on their memories during their special occasions.