Workshop on Ubiquitous Wireless Communications
(in conjunction with Ubicomp 2005)

Tokyo, 11 September, 2005
Call for Position Papers


The goal of the workshop is to share understandings and experiences, to foster research communities, to learn from each other and to envision future directions for ubiquitous networking technologies.

Specific topics of interest include the following issues for ad hoc networks, sensor networks and other wireless networks :

Please consult the program co-chairs Shiro Sakata <> and Albert Krohn <> if you are uncertain whether your paper falls within the cope of the workshop.

Workshop Schedule

1:30pm - 1:40pm

Opening & Introduction

Session 1 (Routing)

1:40pm - 2:00pm

Niwat Thepvilojanapong: Connecting Wireless Sensors in Ubiquitous Computing Environments

2:00pm - 2:20pm

Kazunori Makimura: A Technique of Hierarchical Area Management for Sensor Networks

Session 2 (Timing)

2:20pm - 2:40pm

Sungrae Cho: On Timing Issue in Data Aggregation for Wireless Sensor Networks

2:40pm - 3:00pm

Eiko Yoneki: Temporal Ordering of Wireless Sensor Events

3:00pm - 3:30pm

Coffee Break

Session 3 (Interference and Energy Efficiency

3:30pm - 3:50pm

Deepesh Man Shrestha et al.: An Interference-aware Algorithm for Topology Control in Ubiquitous Ad hoc Networks

3:50pm - 4:10pm

Changsu Suh et al.: Energy Efficient & Delay Optimized MAC for Wireless Sensor Networks

Session 4 (Qos & Addressing)

4:10pm - 4:30pm

Masato Kawada, Eisaburo Itakura: Cross-layer QoS Support for Wireless Video Streaming

4:30pm - 4:50pm

Ilkyun Park: IPv6 Address Allocation for Zone-based Ubiquitous Networks

4:50pm - 5:10pm

Wrap-up and discussion

Technical Program Committee


Committee Members