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Jin Nakazawa

Assistant Researcher,
Keio University

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Jin Nakazawa is an assistant researcher at the Graduate School of Media and Governance at Keio University, Japan. He has received his Bachelor's degree (1998) in Faculty of Policy Management, Master's degree (2000) and Doctor of Philosophy's Degree in Media and Governence from Keio University.

His research interest includes mobile code architecture, distributed component software architecture, and home area networks. He is a member of ACMand IPSJ.



  • "A Pluggable Service-to-Service Communication Mechanism for Home Multimedia Networks"
    Jin Nakazawa, Hideyuki Tokuda
    Proceedings of ACM Multimedia 2002, Juan Les Pins, France, December 2002
  • "A Pluggable Service-to-Service Communication Mechanism for VNA Architecture"
    Jin Nakazawa, Yoshito Tobe, Hideyuki Tokuda
    Proceedings of 22nd International Conference on Distributed Computing Systems, Vienna, Austria, July 2002
  • "Dynamic Message-path Generation for Improvised Composition of Networked Appliance Services"
    Jin Nakazawa, Yoshito Tobe, Hideyuki Tokuda
    Proceedings of 4th IEEE International Workshop on Network Appliances, Gaithersburg, Maryland, January 2002
  • "A Top-down Integration Scheme for Networked Appliances using VNA Markup Language"
    Jin Nakazawa,
    Proceedings of 3rd IEE International Workshop on Networked Appliances, Singapore, March 2001
  • "VNA: An Object model for Virtual Network Appliances"
    Jin Nakazawa,
    Proceedings of IEEE International Conference on Consumer Electronics 2000, June 2000

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