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The Smart Space Laboratory (SSLab) Project aims to accomplish next generation computing based on interactions between users and "Smart Space". This project is a research project in Hideyuki Tokuda Laboratory, Department of Environmental Information, Keio University at Shonan Fujisawa Campus (SFC).

At the "Post PC Era", not only the users's conventional note PC or PDAs but also numerous kind of small-sized and light-weighted devices around users, such as home appliances, A/V equipment, or intelligent sensors and devices embedded into space, are getting intelligent with computational power, and are getting connected to the network. In such an environment, computational intelligence can be regarded as being embedded into the users' surrounding space rather than into specific devices, such as their note PCs. Interaction between users and this kind of intelligent space, what we call "Smart Space", would achieve the next generation computing.

Our research focus in the SSLab project is following three areas.

    Task A:
    Design and construction of indoor room-type SSLab
    experimental equipment, "Box-in-the-Box"

    Task B:
    Construction of adaptive network architecture on heterogeneous and dynamic networks

    Task C:

    Evaluation of service middleware systems and their applications

    • Virtual Network Appliances (VNA)
    • Wearable Network (WN)
    • Integrated Sensor Network

First physical structure support for SSLab, "Box-in-the-Box" was built inside the Keio University SFC Campus, Tokuda Laboratory, in August 2000. Further research activities for the second-generation physical support, the network, and the middleware are our current activities.

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