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コンピュータはこれまで、家庭やオフィスで一部の人が使う道具でした。 ところが、ハードウエア技術の発展によってコンピュータは小型化され、情報家電機器やセンサ機器、身の回りのさまざまな電子機器に組み込まれ始めています。 当研究室では、このような機器が、家庭やオフィスだけでなく、自動車内や鉄道車両内、美術館や鉄道駅などの公共建物、あるいは道路や公園をはじめとする公共空間にまで普及した、新しい情報環境を想定しています。 これを「知的情報環境」と呼び、同環境で人間が行うさまざまな活動を円滑に支援するために、当研究室では分野ごとに研究グループ(KG)に分かれて研究活動を行っております。

Tokuda Laboratory is a research group within the Faculty of Environment and Information Studies in Keio University. Our research aims to simplify the use of micro-computers embedded in various environments, under the concept of informative environmental computing.

Computer was once a device that had it use restrained to computer engineers and limited personnel. However, as hardware performance has evolved drastically in the past few decades, computers have grown smaller in size, and its use has wide spread from information appliances to various everyday electronics. Our lab produces a new model of informative environment, where computers would not only be used in offices and research fields, but embedded in homes, inside vehicles, to public facilities including museums and libraries. We define such an environment a “Smart Space,” and aim to support human activities under this environment. Under this concept, our Lab branches into several research groups, for a comprehensive research and development.

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