Latest News

2014.03.14 情報処理学会UBI研究会にて発表を行いました
西山君、興野君、坂村君、古川君が慶應義塾大学で行われた情報処理学会ユビキタスコンピューティングシステム(UBI)研究会 第41回研究会 ( に参加し、発表を行いました。
2014.02.26 ACM HotMobile 2014にて発表を行いました
大越君がサンタバーバラで行われた国際会議 ACM The 15th International Workshop on Mobile Computing Systems and Applications (HotMobile 2014) (に参加し、デモ/ポスター発表を行いました。
2014.01.06 ICMU 2014にて発表を行いました
大越君がシンガポールで行われた国際会議 The seventh International Conference on Mobile Computing and Ubiquitous Networking (ICMU 2014) ( に参加し、デモ/ポスター発表を行いました。

About Us

Tokuda Laboratory is a research group within the Faculty of Environment and Information Studies in Keio University. Our research aims to simplify the use of micro-computers embedded in various environments, under the concept of informative environmental computing.

Computer was once a device that had it use restrained to computer engineers and limited personnel. However, as hardware performance has evolved drastically in the past few decades, computers have grown smaller in size, and its use has wide spread from information appliances to various everyday electronics. Our lab produces a new model of informative environment, where computers would not only be used in offices and research fields, but embedded in homes, inside vehicles, to public facilities including museums and libraries. We define such an environment a "Smart Space," and aim to support human activities under this environment. Under this concept, our Lab branches into 4 categories, for a comprehensive research and development.